Freelance Project Services

Freelance Project Services

Hi there! I’m Nicki Yowell, a freelance project specialist, and I’m more than ready to tackle any and all tasks needed to help your small business or organization.

Looking for some assistance but not sure where to start? Here are some common projects I help folks with:

--Managing your events and appointments calendar
--Sprucing up web copy for your business’s online presence
--Creating engaging email newsletters that entice and inform your readers
--Answering complex customer email messages with thoughtful, clear responses
--Designing and promoting fabulous events or workshops to extend your audience
--Basic and not-so-basic data entry on various platforms
--Overseeing and executing those pesky details which slow down your process and take you away from the real work!

Writing and communication are my ultimate specialties but, above all, I’m a “Jill of all trades.” I’ve done everything from produce pizza-themed events here in my hometown of Portland to answer customer service inquiries. From the mundane to the grand, the day-to-day to the big picture, I’m most certainly ready for anything. I’ve worked with local small businesses in Portland, national publications, niche retailers, academia, and nonprofit organizations.

The bottom line: there are few places and projects with which I’m not comfortable and passionate! Still not sure how a partnership would benefit you?

Why partner with a freelance project specialist?

--Flexbility that allows us to find a workflow and relationship that works best for you
--Enthusiastic one-on-one attention to the nuances and systems that make your projects unique
--Assistance tailor-made to whatever your needs may be and however they change
--Either project-based or ongoing, you decide what works best
--Well-rounded expertise and years of diverse experience!

Thanks so much for stopping by – I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Not sure where to start? Check out my contact page and send me an inquiry. I’m absolutely confident we can find a project partnership that works well for you!