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"Beach Reads 2014 "


If there is such a thing as an "average indie bookstore," Quimby's is certainly not it. They specialize in everything from "aberrant periodicals" to "assorted fancies" (their words!) and are particularly beloved for their wide-ranging selection of comics and zines. We asked Nicki Yowell, Quimby's Staffer and Small Press Connoisseur, what a Quimby-ite might take to the beach.

Small Bikes Big Trees

Zinesters Jen and Benji embark on a bold bike trek spanning the Pacific Coast in this travel zine. Follow their odyssey from Seattle to San Francisco as they encounter natural wonders, run into cute animals, and cook delicious road food. The zine is complete with snapshots and useful cycling tips, making it perfect for any long haul summer bike journey.

This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki

In this New York Times bestselling graphic novel, cousins Jillian and Mariko Tamaki tackle the narrative of the summer beach vacation with equal parts whimsy and candor. Rose's family heads out to Awago Beach for another seaside respite, but a tragedy erupts amidst the sandcastles and sunscreen.

Cherry Bombe #3

Food is the subject du jour of the cheeky, stylish magazine Cherry Bombe. Profiles of chefs and the food-minded, gastronomically themed fashion spreads, essays on the relevance of the fridge, and meditations on Persian cuisine all pepper its third issue.

Beach Reads 2014