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Self-Publishers of Chicago Readings & Workshops (2012-15)
Self-Publishers of Chicago Readings & Workshops (2012-15)

For nearly four years I organized all aspects of Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC,) a multi-member writing and publishing group. I founded the collective to create collaborative and community-building opportunities for zinesters in and around Chicago. During that time, SPOC hosted a (mostly-themed) monthly/bimonthly reading series, undertook a nationwide reading tour, attended dozens of fests, and published several compilation zines.

The following is a list of readings and events I organized through SPOC from 2012 through the end of 2015:


--Glug, Glug: Bars & Drinking, Uncharted Books
--A Very SPOC Engagement: Hitchin’s and Such, Uncharted Books
--PARTYPARTYPARTY SPOC's 3rd BDAY, Uncharted Books
--Anti-Valentine Heart Wrencher Night, Uncharted Books
--One of Us: Annual New Reader Initiation, Uncharted Books


--Home, Uncharted Books
--Supernatural Hauntings, Uncharted Books
--Zoobookzzzzz, a SPOC Animals Reading, Uncharted Books
--The Past and Pending, Uncharted Books
--Good Friday, Civic Media Center, Gainesville, FL
--Stamens + Pistils Reading, Boxcar Books, Bloomington, IN
--DIALOGUES # 10 - Nicki Yowell of SPOC, Guide to Kulchur, Cleveland Ohio
-- Baby It’s Your Burfday, Uncharted Books
--On & Off the Road, Uncharted Books
--Clancy’s Love Reading, Uncharted Books
--One of Us! SPOC Initiates New Readers!, Uncharted Books


--Family & Community, Uncharted Books
--Last Gasp, Uncharted Books
--Zinester Community Building, Portland Zine Symposium
--Words + Sound III Benefit, Peanut Gallery
--Words + Sound II with Landline, Chicago
--First Birthday Party, Uncharted Books
--Collage Social & Workshop, Peanut Gallery


--Ghostly Stories, Uncharted Books
--Fire Dog Release and Open Mic, Read/Write Library